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Donor reservation: How and why do I reserve?

Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank offers donor reservation for clients - donor sperm and donor eggs - reserve your favorite donor

Did you know that Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank has the option to make a donor reservation on your favorite donor sperm or eggs? Donor reservations are available for all donors who have more than one straw available. This gives clients the opportunity to reserve enough donor sperm or eggs for later use. This is incredibly useful in case you are considering having genetically related siblings. It is also wise to reserve extra straws as sometimes it takes you a few tries to be successful in getting pregnant.

Top reasons to reserve your favorite sperm or egg Donor

If you have additional/future family dreams making an immediate donor reservation is a smart decision.

  • Avoid the risk of your favorite donor sperm or donor eggs being sold out
  • Alleviate the risk of having to change sperm donors or egg donors in the middle of your treatments
  • Help to ensure genetic siblings for your current children
  • Return any unused reserved straws (75% refund on the cost of the straw)
  • Provide security for whatever future situations may arise
  • If you are over 35 years old, you may need extra sperm since pregnancy rates decrease over time

For more information on how to extend, cancel or order delivery of your donor reservation, read here.

Is your sperm or egg donor sold out?

If you have a registered pregnancy/child with a Cryos sperm or egg donor that is now sold out, you can still have the chance to purchase/reserve more of their straws, by being placed on the waiting list. You will be contacted if any reserved sperm/eggs are sold back to Cryos, or if any more sperm is released from quarantine.

Eggs and sperm may also become available in the future if the donor comes back to donate. We will contact the first person on the waiting list and they will have 12 days to contact us to purchase the straws. If that person is unresponsive in the time period, the straws are made available to the next person on the list.

You will not be removed from the waiting list if you are unresponsive. Only families with a registered pregnancy/child from the donor are allowed to be on the waiting list. The waiting list is good for one year and you will be reminded via email to sign up for an additional year, one month before your annual due date.

Reserve your donor sperm or eggs online today!

Donor reservation is an easy process to complete. If you have any questions or issues reach out to our Customer Care Team at (407)-203-1175. Or email us at [email protected] We are always happy to help!

We are also available live on our online chat during regular operating hours