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How egg freezing can pay dividends later

Egg Freezing

Fertility Preservation, also known as social egg freezing, is a great option for all women! Start considering this helpful opportunity early on as your eggs don't have as much time as you may think! Take a look at the top four reasons saving your eggs for later may come in handy.

Egg Freezing Offers Flexibility to Pursue Your Career/Academics with Peace of Mind

You may be at a point in your life where you are too busy working on your academics or advancing your career to have the appropriate time to build a family. You may even want to get some travel time in before settling down.

Social egg freezing will give you the opportunity you need to start a family when you are ready and give you peace of mind while you achieve all your career and academic goals, or whatever else your heart desires.

Your Egg Quality and Quantity Decreases as You Get Older

You may be waiting for the right time to start a family, but the time you are ready to start one may come at an older age when your fertility is not at its best.

Freezing your eggs at an appropriate age (35 and younger) will keep your eggs in that same condition and age for years to come, and will be ready for use whenever you are. For more information on poor egg quality, read our post on 5 Common Infertility Issues.

You Never Know What is Going to Happen; Be Prepared and Ready for Future Outcomes

Freezing your eggs will give you a wide range of options on how you may want, or need, to use your frozen eggs in the future, and will allow you to be fully prepared and ready for any future outcomes or life circumstances that require you to use your eggs.

Such situations may include:

  • Complications during medical procedures
  • Future diagnosed diseases such as thyroid disease or polycystic ovary syndrome disease
  • Damage to fallopian tubes
  • Donating to family member or friend unable to conceive

There are many factors that could lead to a variety of outcomes in the future, so freezing your eggs may give you the safety net you desire.

You Haven’t Met Your Life Partner Yet

You may feel the pressure to find your life partner in time so you can start creating your family, but maybe you would rather just take your time and find the right one whenever it so happens to be. Social egg freezing will allow you to have all the time you need before you are ready to start building a family.

Cryos provides fertility preservation as well as many more treatments and services. Find more information here on egg freezing prices and our egg freezing guarantee. 

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