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How to improve your sperm donor and egg donor search

How to Improve Your Sperm Donor and Egg Donor Search

With the Cryos free online donor search, you have the opportunity to learn about each potential sperm or egg donor through their comprehensive  donor profiles. Each donor is extensively screened and only high-quality specimens are made available. Below are some tips on how you can improve your sperm or egg donor search to help you find the perfect match.

Cryos provides access to hundreds of free online profiles that include baby photos, photos as adults, medical history reports, family tree details, audio recording, a written message and more. This information will guide you in selecting the best donor to fit your future family. If you want a more detailed guide to choosing a sperm donor or a guide to choosing an egg donor then follow the links.

Donor identity: ID Release or Non-ID Release 

There are many ways to refine your search for a sperm donor or an egg donor. Determining the type of donor ID and profile you want is a great place to start.

Cryos offers two types of donors: ID Release (Non-anonymous) and Non-ID Release (Anonymous).

ID Release donors identifying information is made available to your donor child, once the child has reached the age of 18. Many individuals choose an ID Release donor, so that their child can connect to their heritage, if they choose to, in the future.

Non-ID Release donors will never have their identity released. Choosing a Non-ID Release donor means that the parent and child agree to never contact the donor.

Profile type: Basic or Extended

Cryos offers two types of donor profiles: Basic and Extended.

Basic Donor Profiles provide only the most critical information about the donor, such as; race, ethnicity, eye color, hair color, height, weight, blood type, profession and level of education.

Extended Donor Profiles provide the basic characteristics with additional information about the donor’s interests, personality, health and family history. In addition, extended profiles offer photos, handwritten greeting, a voice sample, staff impressions, and emotional intelligence (EQ test) results.

Both basic and extended donor profiles will provide testing results required by the FDA which will be found in the donor’s summary of records. Additionally, you are able to view each donor's "stock" available, no matter the type of profile. The donor's "stock" is the number of available straws a donor has available for purchase. This available resource sets Cryos apart from many other cryobanks and is quality you will surely appreciate.

Personality traits and donor characteristics

Looking at a donor’s personality traits and physical characteristics will help you narrow down your search. With our free donor search, it is easy to find a donor that resembles personal features of you or your spouse's family by appearance, heritage, or personality traits.

In addition, choosing a donor with an extended profile provides you with even more detailed information to help you match the personality and characteristics you are looking for.


Are there physical characteristics that you would like your child to have? Baby photos and photos of donors as adults, provide unique details of their appearance such as their smile, facial shape, eye color or hair texture to provide you with a diverse range of donors.

What is the donor’s background? Where do they come from and what traditions do they have? Our free donor search gives you the opportunity to choose a donor with similar backgrounds and family history. Sometimes looking at the donor’s family traditions and personal views can form an amazing connection for you and your future child.

Personality traits 

How would you describe yourself? Energetic, funny or passionate? What are your hobbies? For instance, do you play sports or love arts and crafts? You may consider selecting your favorite donor based on the similarities you both share with personality traits or hobbies.

In contrast, others may want to choose the exact opposite traits. If you love arts and struggled with sports maybe you would like to choose an athletic donor to contrast your strengths. Personality traits are a great way to narrow down your sperm donor or egg donor search to help you find the just right donor for you.

There are plenty of great ways to help you find your perfect donor. Read below to see more filtering ideas.

Using filter tool

Our easy-to-use donor filter tool is the perfect final step to help you narrow down your donor search. There are 14 available filters:

  • Donor Identity
  • Adult Photo
  • Profile Type
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood Type
  • Motility
  • CMV Status
  • Stock Availability

Searching through hundreds of our donors is made easy with our filter options. As a result, you can narrow down your search to a list of donors that have the characteristics that you are most interested in. If the selection only brings up a few donors you can always widen your search.

If you know that you need sperm for an IUI procedure then check-off the IUI filter to show donors that have IUI straws available. You can also use the filter to find a donor with a certain blood type or CMV status. Simply check-off the item(s) you really need your donor to have. You also can search by the “donor name” if you want to revisit or know of a donor you would like to see. Once you find your donor, select the heart icon to save them to your account  profile.

With these helpful hints, you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for with a few easy clicks.

Cryos is here to help 

If you have any questions regarding Cryos free online donor search you can always contact our Customer Care Team via phone at 407-203-1175 or email at [email protected]. A live online chat system is also located on our website for your convenience.

Cryos wishes you the best of luck on your journey to parenthood and we look forward to making your family dreams come true!