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Inspiration on Mother's Day

By Cryos | 5/10/2018
Happy Mother's Day and some tips for coping through the day for those struggling with infertility from Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank - two babies in a heart made of flowers

Happy Mother's Day from the Cryos family to yours! Our heartfelt congratulations to all the mothers who have had successful journeys with Cryos over the last 30 years. Nothing makes our team happier than hearing about families that Cryos was able to be a part of in a special way.

However, we know that Mother's Day is a difficult day for the 1 in 8 couples and millions of women who suffer from infertility and are struggling to get their dream family. We extend our hearts out to those of you who are still trying to conceive. Keep trying and stay positive.

It might be difficult, but maybe some of the strategies below will help you:

Inspirational Stories this Mother's Day

Does it feel like you're the only one who is struggling to have a baby? Numerous women and couples have struggled from infertility and yet have been successful with getting pregnant. These stories bring us joy and we want to pass that feeling on to you too.

Some journeys to having a baby are long, and feel too long. You may be trying IVF treatment, IUI or maybe home insemination, but whatever method you are using, it is important to know that women all over the world have been successful even after years of trying.

IVF miracle baby from Sher Fertility Institute

Sher Institute/Facebook

Ask for help/advice when you need it

It is important to stay positive and reach out for help or advice whenever you need to. There are many resources available to you that will help support you all the way.

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association - Cryos is proud be a sponsor of RESOLVE and all the amazing work they do in our community. RESOLVE is a comprehensive network of resources and support for all forms of infertility, and one of the best on Mother's Day, is finding a local RESOLVE support group.

Us: Cryos is always here to answer any of your questions regarding donor sperm or eggs, as well as any concerns or queries you may have about your next step. If you want to reach out in a more private way we have a live chat system where you can speak to one of our Customer Care Representatives during our operating hours right on our website.

Our Facebook Group: A closed group for parents of Cryos donor children, or those looking to have donor children and wanting to connect or seek advice from other women who have already gone through the process. Here you can be open about your concerns or fears in a judgement free zone - you'll find many women share similar stories to you. 

Click to join group

To all those mothers who have gotten their wish, please share some of your adorable baby photos with Cryos, send in testimonials and post them on our Facebook page or group! We would LOVE to see them!

And don't forget to share some baby dust with other women who are still on their journey.