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IUI Success Rates

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When trying to conceive, many people undergo fertility treatment. One of the most common fertility treatments is called Intrauterine Insemination or IUI. If you are curious about how it works and how successful it is, read along. This blog is for you!

What is IUI treatment?

IUI treatment is short for Intrauterine Insemination, a type of artificial insemination. It entails washed sperm being placed directly into the woman’s uterus with the aid of a catheter. This process allows sperm cells to get closer to the egg via the fallopian tube which increases the chances of fertilization. 

IUI treatment can be done either with your partner’s sperm or with donor sperm. If partner’s sperm is used, the Medically Assisted Reproduction community calls it IUI-H. Whereas if donor sperm is used, it is often referred to as IUI-D.

How does the process of IUI treatment work?

IUI treatment is performed by a medical professional, usually at a fertility clinic, and is very popular because it is both quick and nearly pain-free. The procedure is performed in three stages:

  • Stage 1: IUI treatment starts with a fertility test, normally done as an X-ray or hysterosalpingogram. The fertility test is done to make sure you are healthy and will hopefully respond positively to insemination.
  • Stage 2: If the results of the fertility test are positive, you can schedule an IUI treatment during your next natural cycle or receive a mild hormone stimulation to start a new cycle sooner. Either way, your doctor is aiming for insemination to take place during ovulation.
  • Stage 3: During treatment day, the doctor inserts the sperm into your uterus in hopes of it fertilizing the egg and growing into an embryo. The procedure takes no more than one to two minutes, and you can expect to be out of the fertility clinic after 15 – 20 minutes.
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What is the IUI success rate?

According to this study, the success rate for IUI is around 18 % per cycle for women under 30 and proportionately declines with age. If you are outside the above-mentioned statistic, it all depends on your body. You could become pregnant during your first try or you may have to try multiple times. You should always consult with your doctor regarding your chances of success with IUI treatment.

What influences IUI success rates? 

There is a vast difference in IUI success rates when comparing one woman to another. The following factors may affect your treatment’s prosperousness:

  • Age, health, and fertility of the woman receiving treatment
  • How good the fertility clinic is where treatment is being done
  • Whether any fertility drugs have been used previously
  • The reason for having the treatment
  • Chance and luck

This also means that it is difficult to know how much donor sperm you will need to become pregnant with IUI. To make sure that you have enough straws from your favorite sperm donor, we recommend you make a reservation of donor sperm before you start IUI treatment.

What increases pregnancy chances with IUI?

There are some things that you can do to increase your pregnancy chances when undergoing IUI treatment. Since IUI treatment is a form of artificial insemination, your chances of success increase if you improve your fertility. According to this study, the following are way to help your overall fertility journey:

  • Lifestyle: One of the factors that influence women’s fertility is their lifestyle. By avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, your chances of conceiving can improve. Besides cigarettes and alcohol, you should limit your intake of caffeine too.
  • Stress: Your fertility may also be influenced by your level of stress. Therefore, you should try to limit stress factors in your life when receiving IUI treatment or at least learn to manage them. We recommend activities such as long walks, yoga, and meditation.
  • Diet: By focusing on a diet that contains the vitamins and minerals your body needs, you can increase your chances of conceiving. Besides a healthy diet, you should limit your intake of sugar, refined carbohydrates, and anything that may cause hormone imbalance.

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