ClientBlogExclusive interview: Kelli shares her journey to start a family with Cryos
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Exclusive interview: Kelli shares her journey to start a family with Cryos

interview with cryos client - start a family

Deciding which method to use to start a family can be tough and requires quite a bit of thought and research. You will want to learn all the best options for you and your partner. What better way to help you decide than to hear from a couple who has already gone through the process!

Cryos has had the great pleasure of interviewing Kelli and her wife about their decision to use a sperm bank, as well as their experience with Cryos so far. Their story is heartwarming and encouraging.

Read about how they became a couple and how they knew it was time to start a family. Kelli and her wife share some very special moments. Read this exclusive interview to learn more now!

Interview Questions and Answers: Kelli's Story

Question 1: Kelli, tell us a little bit about yourself and your wife.

"I always considered myself a heterosexual woman. I really never had any doubts about my future plans of having a nuclear family with a husband and kids. I had gotten close to being married before and was never looking to date a woman.

While working as a wildlife biologist in Florida I reconnected with a friend I had in college. She lived in Ohio and we struck up a friendship. The next thing I knew we were commuting 1000 miles to see each other biweekly. We married in 2017.

I still see myself as a woman who very much loves men; however, this person (my wife) fit me perfectly. We are very happy. Needless to say my family was supportive, albeit surprised. We lived apart for the first three years of our relationship until I moved back to Ohio in April 2018."

Question 2: What made you and your wife decide that now is the right time for you to start a family?

"My wife and I are both in our early 30's. She works in anesthesia and I left my job as a wildlife biologist to be closer to her. This is a temporary solution as I do not want to give up on my career completely. In the interim, we are redoing a historical home and I spend much of my time at home working on that.

We are lucky to live in a city with an amazing healthcare system that has wonderful OB and Pediatric capabilities. That paired with my sabbatical from work, and my age, made it a perfect time in our opinion to start a family."

Question 3: How did you decide what method of completing your family was right for you? (i.e. sperm bank vs. other methods)

"I always assumed that I would have a family the old fashioned way e.g., a husband. Since that is not an option for us we considered many options. We were not comfortable with using a friend or family member as a donor for fear of confusion and complexity of relationships.

We liked the idea of using a sperm bank that had the option for our potential child to learn about his paternal DNA should he choose. Yet, we did not want to worry about the donor having any rights to our potential child that would impact the way we parent and make decisions for our family."

Question 4: How did you find Cryos?

"We found Cryos by doing a comprehensive search of U.S. donor clinics. We compared this list to a listing of complaints and violations of donor clinics since 1990. Once we had narrowed down our list we visited each site and chose the one we felt most comfortable with."

Question 5: What made you decide to go with Cryos?

"We went with Cryos because we liked the option to view all of the donors without prepaying for the information. The cost of donor gametes is so high that charging $150-300 to view donor profiles seemed exploitive to us, considering that each round we were spending over $1000 per try.

Additionally, we really liked the Facebook community as it was very supportive. The Cryos Customer Care rep answered all of our posted questions quickly and provided lots of helpful answers. The lack of complaints and citations against Cryos from previous clients, etc. allowed us to feel assured that we were getting what we intended."

Question 6: How have you found the experience so far?

"Our experience with Cryos has been very good so far. We have only placed one order and the process was easy and shipping was right on time. As our first attempt to conceive didn't work we are in the process of ordering our second round of gametes. It has been equally smooth."

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