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How Much Sperm Do I Need to Order for Home Insemination? Cryos Answers

By Cryos | 11/14/2017
How Much Sperm Do I Need to Order for Home Insemination

When deciding to do a home insemination, you may have several questions. A frequently asked question is how much sperm you need to order for the procedure.


In short, Cryos recommends purchasing 2 x ICI MOT10 straws. The reason this is the best option for you to purchase is because you need a ml containing at least 10 million to 19 million sperm to get pregnant at home, and this recommendation contains just that.

Cryos sells sperm straws per .5 ml rather than 1 whole ml. This is why buying 2 straws of ICI MOT10 is recommended because 2 straws will add up to equal 1 ml of sperm that will provide you with the minimum of at least 10 million sperm. 

Want to learn more about MOT? Our blog post titled What does MOT mean? will provide additional information on sperm motility.

If you decide to buy the recommended amount of 2 x ICI MOT10, it will provide higher chances for you to get pregnant, rather than buying 1 x ICI MOT10, which is equal to .5 ml that has a minimum of 5 million sperm. Buying a .5 ml straw is cheaper and can be bought for home insemination, but just remember the chances of you getting pregnant will be lower.

You may also buy 2 x ICI MOT20 straws if you are concerned about the amount of motile sperm you will receive, and if you think it may increase your chances of getting pregnant.

If there are no ICI straws available of your favorite donor, there is nothing wrong with purchasing IUI straws. IUI simply means that the sperm is washed (also referred to as purified or prepared sperm) and ICI means that the sperm is unwashed (also referred to as raw sperm).

Either can be used for home insemination, but IUI is most often used for other fertility treatments that require washed sperm. Home insemination is a non-surgical procedure, so using unwashed sperm will be perfectly fine, and your body will end up washing it naturally anyways. Whichever you may choose, both ICI and IUI are suitable for home insemination.

If you’d like to learn more or have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact Cryos. We’re here to help!