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Single Mothers by Choice using home insemination

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For over 35 years Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank, has supported single women in their right to have a family on their own terms, and become Single Mothers by Choice. This is why we are happy to be able to provide a wide variety of sperm donors that can be shipped directly to your home or to a clinic of your choosing.

Home insemination is an excellent starting point to have a child, especially if you are free from fertility issues and are under 35 years old. However, there are many Single Mothers by Choice that have used home insemination to get pregnant in their late 30s and early 40s.

If you are about to become a single mother, you may find these books about solo motherhood and donor conception interesting.

Reasons why single women choose home insemination

1. It is easy!

Home insemination is a very simple procedure that you can do by yourself with ease - just follow these step-by-step instructions on home insemination (or watch the video). We also make the ordering process as easy as possible for our clients.

You can browse through a wide variety of ethnically diverse donors with FREE extended donor profiles which include baby photos, a family history, a handwritten letter, an audio recording and much more.

Once you have chosen your favorite sperm donor, you can have their straws shipped directly to your home. If you're considering having genetic siblings in the future, you can also reserve extra straws. A full kit and step-by-step instructions are included within your order.

2. It is affordable

Home insemination is frequently the most cost-effective option to choose from the wide variety of fertility treatments. By choosing home insemination, you can avoid the extra costs of doctor visits, medications and possible unnecessary fertility treatments that are frequently not covered by insurance. All you need to do is purchase your favorite donor's sperm. If you want to learn more about the cost of home insemination compared to other fertility treatments, we recommend you to follow the link to our blog post on the subject.

Cryos allows you to choose a donor by physical features, donor interests, and of course also by price. Learn more about how to calculate the cost of donor sperm here.

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3. It is convenient

You get to decide when is the right time and where is the right place for you to do your home insemination. The convenience of being able to take the steps towards pregnancy in the comfort of your own home is perfect if you're one of the many people who feel uncomfortable in a doctor's office, or who have a restrictive work schedule that limits appointment availability times.

Home insemination, and convenient delivery direct to door, is just a click away.

4. It works

You can be the next success story! Millions of single women around the world have chosen home insemination as their path to parenthood and have had success. You can too!

Contact Cryos

Your journey is full of family and friends, and Cryos is here to help you along the way. Joining our Facebook group is a great way to meet other women who have gone through the same experience. Connect with them to learn and share in the process of using a donor.

If you have any questions about home insemination give our Customer Care Team a call at 407-203-1175 or email us at [email protected] You can also chat with us on our website during normal operating hours. Below are more blog posts that may be helpful to you when considering home insemination: