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Adam: Why I became a Cryos sperm donor

Sperm donor adam talks about the process to donating

Adam is an engineer who understands firsthand other couples' struggles to get pregnant. When he and his wife were researching fertility options after they realized she was unable to conceive herself, he realized the need for donor sperm. Adam knew he could make a difference and decided to become a sperm donor with Cryos. Watch Adam talk about his experience with being a Cryos sperm donor and why he chose to take part in this journey.

Sperm donor requirements

Since we want what's best for our clients, potential sperm donors must meet all of our requirements to be able to donate. We select and screen all of our donors according to our extensive quality assurance, operational procedures, policies for donor recruitment, and assessments.

Sperm donors of all ethnicities, races, and nationalities are accepted, but these donors must meet other requirements. These requirements include:

  • 5’7” tall for most donors (5’4” for donors of Hispanic or Asian descent)
  • Between the ages of 18 and 44
  • Physically and mentally healthy
  • College-educated professional, a student pursuing a degree or certificate beyond high school, or in a successful, long-term career (i.e. Civil Service, Trade Specialty)
  • Live approximately within a one-hour drive of our Orlando facility
  • Be willing to commit to a minimum of one visit, to our office, per week for a minimum of 90 days

Potential donors must also go through sperm donor screening and provide medical records. Part of the initial examination of a potential donor includes a medical exam to make sure they are in good health and to look for any signs of infectious disease.

During the exam is where detailed family medical history is obtained to determine if there are any genetic conditions that could be passed from the donor.

To learn more about our sperm donor medical report, follow the link to see an overwiev of the process.

Why become a sperm donor?

As a sperm donor, you are giving others the chance to experience the joy of having a child. Sperm donors should primarily be driven by the knowledge that they are helping families and changing lives. However, sperm donors are compensated for their time and effort.

Do you have any questions? Cryos would be more than happy to assist you! Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable bilingual Customer Care Coordinators or Donor Coordinators today. Call us at (407) 203-1175 or email us at [email protected]. We also have a live online chat that you can access on our website.

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