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A Perfect Book for Donor Conceived Children

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A common concern for new parents who have used donor eggs or donor sperm to create their family is the thought of talking about the topic with their donor-conceived kids.

Reading a sweet and educational story that explains your unique family situation is a great way to start a conversation on the topic. "Heather Has Two Mommies" is an example of a book that we recommend for families with donor-conceived kids. Reading this book is a way for your child to begin to understand other family structures, and that love is the most important thing about families.

Below a summary of what you can expect from this story book.

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Summary: "Heather Has Two Mommies" by Leslea Newman

This children's book starts off with a cute introduction about Heather, and includes enjoyable illustrations created by Laura Cornell. At the beginning of this story, we find out how Heather's favorite number is two. It further explains how Heather has two legs, two arms and two pets. She even has two mommies!

When Heather goes to school for the first time, she is asked about her daddy and is asked to draw a picture of her family. She finds out that not everyone's drawing is the same and it's okay to not have a daddy. Heather's teacher goes on to explain to the class how it doesn't matter who makes up a family, but it matters that each of them loves one another.

The storyline is heartwarming and comforting. It will help children better understand their unique family tree at an early age. Stories like these make talking to your child about donor conception a whole lot easier, at an age appropriate level.

You can find a copy of this book on Amazon. If you want more inspiration regarding books for Single Mothers by Choice or donor-conceived children, then follow the link to our blog post 6 books for single mothers.

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