ClientBlogTED Talk: The struggles of infertility

TED Talk: The struggles of infertility

Ted talk struggling with infertility

Coping with infertility can be a struggle for many. At times, you may feel that you are surrounded by people who are incapable of really understanding the difficulties and sorrow that come with the journey of infertility. However, you are certainly not alone. In the USA, 1 out of 8 people have issues with getting pregnant. Watch this Ted Talk below to hear a strong and determined woman share her story of finally having her dream come true.

Infertility TED Talk: Good friends are important during the journey

In this TED Talk, 42 year-old Camille Preston talks openly about her infertility journey and how she dealt with the uncontrollable challenges. After many failed IVF attempts, she found herself feeling lonely, and having no one to talk to about her struggles.

In this video, Camille shares what helped her during her infertility journey. She explains how having peer groups to talk to, and understanding grief played a major part in helping. She shares her thoughts about the loneliness that she felt because people did not want to talk openly about their fertility problems.

Camille shares what helped her and her husband during this devastating, roller-coaster journey called infertility.

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