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The motivations of Cryos egg donors

The motivations of Cryos egg donors

Have you ever wondered why some women want to become egg donors? What are their thoughts and motivations about their decision to donate their eggs? In the following post, we will share what we have learned from interviews, everyday talk, and surveys with our donors.

Why do egg donors want to donate?

We have found that there are two main motivations for becoming an egg donor.

The desire to help

The most valuable motive for our donors is the ability to help those in need. Our donors align with our vision, to help people make their dreams of having a family come true.

Many of our donors tell us that they known someone personally that struggled with fertility issues. Knowing this impacted them so that they feel the need to help others who are struggling with the same issues.

Some donors already have children of their own and want to make someone else's dream of becoming a parent come true.

Compensation is a bonus

Another reason for our donors is compensation. Egg donors receive a one-time payment for their time, effort, and transportation costs. This may be an encouraging factor in the decision to donate, but most say the desire to help is their number one reason.

Some of our donors are still students, so the compensation is a bonus that helps them out with college expenses and more. Being an egg donor is a big commitment, that requires time and effort, but being able to help others seems to be the thing that helps our egg donors make their decision.

Hear from one of our egg donors

Anna is a Cryos egg donor who knew she wanted to help others have a family after seeing the joy a co-worker experienced by donating her eggs, then the happiness a friend found in conceiving with donor eggs, and meeting someone in college who was an egg donor baby herself.

Watch this video as she tells you her amazing story and her experience with becoming a Cryos egg donor.

What are the requirements to become an egg donor?

Being approved to become an egg donor is a process that takes commitment. The approval process starts with an initial application, a secondary application and then additional information about family. Being an egg donor really requires true dedication. This is why some of our donors take some time to decide.

The requirements include being physically and emotionally healthy over a long period of time, being able to complete multiple medical examinations, being willing to take birth control pills and being able to self-inject hormones.

Egg donor applicants also undergo a psychological examination, provided by a third party psychologist. This is to make sure that egg donor applicants are aware of the process and are really committed to donating their eggs to people who need them. It may be a long process, but those who choose to donate their eggs are happy to be bringing people the gift of family.

Want to become an egg donor?

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