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Donor children

What Do Parents Say About Cryos?

Donor-conceived children from Cryos sperm donors

We know how big of a decision it is to choose the right cryobank when it comes to having a baby using donor sperm or donor eggs. One of the most important factors to look at is how good of an experience other parents had with the sperm and egg bank you are interested in. Read along for testimonials from individuals and couples that successfully came to parenthood thanks to Cryos.

Kerri’s testimonial

Kerris donor-conceived child

I have three children thanks to my donor at Cryos: an 18-month-old daughter and twin boys expected later this summer. I really can't say enough to thank Cryos for the wonderful customer service I received with both of my pregnancies.

Everyone I came into contact with was friendly and helpful. During a time that is generally stressful and confusing, I found Cryos to be an exceptional organization that treated me warmly and with respect. I highly recommend Cryos to anyone I hear is searching for a bank to use.


Catherine’s testimonial

Catherine's donor-conceived child

I was really pleased with the service we received from Cryos. The replies were very quick, efficient, and gave us the answers we needed. We used Cryos, as compared to the UK main sperm bank, the history, details, and information given on the Cryos sperm donors is really comprehensive, which we feel is so necessary in this important decision.

We had one IVF treatment attempt, and because of my age had the choice of putting two eggs back in, which we did, and now have two beautiful boys. Thank you Cryos! 


Tasha’s testimonial

Tasha's donor-conceived child

I am thrilled with the service that Cryos has provided. Cryos was one of the providers recommended through our doctor and the only one that provided free pictures of donors, which was a huge plus for us.

Without Cryos, our life would not be the same as we would not have our beautiful daughter and our second on the way. So, thank you very much for the work you do! 


Ruth and Samanta’s testimonial

Ruth and Samanta's donor-conceived child

We would like to thank the Customer Care Team at Cryos. Starting IVF can be a very difficult and emotional journey. Made harder by trying to understand the process of buying and using donor sperm. Cryos made it so easy. They explained each step clearly and were there to help answer even the silly questions that came from a concerned IVF couple. The website was very easy to use, and the sperm donor profiles offered were fantastic. Thank you so much for including baby pictures in some of your profiles.

Other similar sperm banks charge extra for this (…) but Cryos was open about costs, and it was easy to see that there were no hidden fees. Cryos clearly cares about their customers, and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to use donor sperm. In fact, I have recommended it to two couples in the UK who are both now using their services. Thank you again for making a difficult journey a little bit easier.


Cryos is here for you

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us. Our Customer Care Team is ready to help you via phone at +1 (407) 203 1175, via e-mail at [email protected], or via live chat on our website.