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What does MOT mean? Cryos Explains

By Cryos | 11/23/2021
What Does MOT Mean

While searching through our extensive list of sperm donors, you may have come across the word MOT, also known as motility. Understanding motility is a key step in the process of purchasing donor sperm.

So, what does MOT mean in relation to sperm?

MOT is short for motility, and it refers to the sperm cell’s ability to move or swim.

For example, let’s look at what MOT20 means according to the WHO-standard:

MOT20 means that there is a minimum of 20 million motile sperm per 1 ml in the straw after thawing. In another words, the motility is an indication of the concentration of sperm cells that are capable of movement on each 1ml straw.

However, Cryos’ straws are 0.5ml, meaning that the motility per straw is going to be divided by half from the 1ml straw. Here are the motility numbers per 0.5ml straw:


Cryos offers different price ranges based on the MOT so that you can make your purchase based on your needs and other factors such as the type of treatment you’re going through.

If you are going into the process of IVF, a MOT5 should be enough in most cases. For home insemination, two straws of MOT10 are what it is usually recommended. MOT20 through MOT30+ straws are generally purchased for IUI’s among other reasons such as preserving for future treatments or if suffering from a fertility condition. The motility that you are to purchase might change based on your doctor’s suggestions or requests. If you are going to use home insemination, then we can recommend you to read our blog post on how to make home insemination successful.

We want you to be confident and fully knowledgeable of what you are purchasing. We understand that this may be confusing, so feel free to ask any more questions you may still have. If you want to learn more about the cost of home insemination compared to other fertility treatments, we recommend you to follow the link to our blog post on the subject.

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