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What does MOT mean? Cryos Explains

By Cryos | 11/14/2017
What Does MOT Mean

While searching through our extensive list of sperm donors, you may have come across the word MOT, also known as motility. You can specifically see this term being used under the section “order sperm from this donor” and at checkout.

So, what does MOT even mean in relation to sperm?

Well, MOT is short for motility and means the sperms ability to move or swim.

For example, let’s look at what MOT20 means according to the WHO-standard:

MOT20 means that there is a minimum of 20 million motile sperm per 1 ml in the straw after thawing, according to the WHO-standard, so MOT is basically telling you the concentration of moving sperm.

However, Cryos does not sell by whole ml, we sell by .5 ml, so that means you half the MOT amounts you see on the Cryos site. A MOT10 at Cryos will have a minimum of 5 million sperm rather than a minimum of 10 million sperm, and a MOT30+ will have a minimum of 15 million sperm, and so on. Just keep in mind, you are getting what you pay for, the only difference is the portion size we sell by.

Unlike the majority of other sperm and egg banks, Cryos uses MOT so that you have various amounts of sperm to choose from at several different price points. This is an advantage for you so you can make a better selection of how much sperm you actually need for whatever procedure you are doing.

If you are going into the process of IVF, you can purchase a MOT5. For home insemination, two straws of MOT10 would be ideal. MOT20 through MOT30+ is usually purchased for IUI’s or for your own security of knowing you have enough sperm from your favorite donor for any future needs. You may also purchase a higher MOT amount upon your doctor’s request.

We want you to be confident and fully knowledgeable of what you are purchasing. We understand that this may be confusing, so feel free to ask any more questions you may still have.