ClientBlogLatest stats prove Cryos has some of the most successful pregnancy rates
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Latest stats prove Cryos has some of the most successful pregnancy rates

Cryos donor egg program

Back in 2016, we committed ourselves to create the most successful donor egg program in the United States. Our results prove that we are on the right track. Our passion has helped us create an egg program that is providing excellent success rates for frozen donor eggs.

We are proud to say we currently have a clinical pregnancy succes rate of over 74% per transfer (compared to other egg banks ranging from 54%-65%), making us the best in the industry. Here we will describe what Cryos does differently to achieve such a high clinical pregnancy rate.

Full in-house process control

The backbone of this program’s success directly relates to our one-of-a-kind in-house process. Our donors are hand selected and their eggs are procured, retrieved, processed and vitrified in our surgery center and laboratory. Everything is done at our facility under the guidance of our professionals and is never outsourced to third parties.

Other egg banks often contract with third-party IVF clinics to handle the egg donor selection and retrieval process. Cryos has full control of the entire process to make sure that everything in our egg program follows the strictest quality standards. With this approach, we can achieve full consistency and have complete control. In return, this gives us the best quality eggs producing the highest chance of pregnancies.

New technology and years of experience

Over the years, success rates have increased due to improved vitrification methods and technologies. The Cryos donor egg program has quickly adapted to using these methods and technologies to retrieve, process and vitrify using the industry's best practices.

It is our team of highly sought-after experts that makes our program incomparable to most. It takes years of experience to ensure consistency and top-quality work, which is why our tissue bank director and senior embryologists each have over 20 years of experience.

Quality guaranteed and hassle-free

We want our clients to feel confident and secure about choosing eggs from Cryos. This is why we offer a hassle-free donor egg blastocyst guarantee.

Cryos beats the industry standards, with a blastocyst rate of 47%, and we guarantee our customers will receive at least one (1) high-quality blastocyst for transfer. In fact, our percentage says that anyone purchasing six (6) of our donor eggs will typically have results of two (2) or more high-quality blastocysts.

To meet our blastocyst guarantee criteria, a reference clinic must be unable to culture one blastocyst from a cohort of our donor eggs, then we will replace the eggs free of charge. We work with only the best clinics in the nation to provide top quality results for our clients.

Trained and verified partnered clinics

Cryos cooperates with clinics that are properly trained and have proven success rates in warming oocytes. We take the initiative to verify each clinic’s processes and are available to consult with the clinic’s embryologists if needed.

Some of our referral clinics say this about our success:

“Since its inception in 1978, the field of IVF has undergone many advances but none more empowering for women, men, and couples than egg freezing. Cryos International remains the leader in cryopreservation, first with sperm and, more recently, with oocytes,” says Mark Trolice, MD at The IVF Center. “The Cryos International egg donor program has resulted in exceptional pregnancy rates for their clients through technical expertise, diligence of screening, and partnerships with IVF clinics that meet the criteria for Centers of Excellence.”

“Cryos has been a terrific resource for frozen donor eggs for my practice,” says Melissa M. Yates, MD, Medical Director, Advanced Reproductive Specialists, LLC. “The personalized service, for both the patients and the lab, has made offering frozen donor eggs a seamless experience for all.”

Stay Connected with Cryos

The reasons why Cryos is different is clear. We appreciate that you are considering Cryos as your trusted partner to achieve the family of your dreams. For more information about your path to parenthood join our Facebook group. It is an excellent way to learn more about the expectations and emotional journey of going through this process.

Have questions about our donor egg program? Please contact us at (407) 203-1175 or email us at [email protected] Our live online chat system is also available on our website. Our Customer Care Team looks forward to helping you on your path to parenthood!