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IVF being performed

How much sperm is needed for IVF?

For IVF treatment we recommend using 1 MOT5 straw. Sperm straws with a higher MOT can also be used. In IVF treatment it is possible to use both ICI and IUI sperm straws if your fertility clinic can wash the ICI straw. Always consult your clinic for advice before you place your order.

When ordering donor sperm for IVF treatment, we recommend you make a reservation for extra straws to ensure that you have enough sperm from your favorite donor.

What sperm quality is required for IVF?

The sperm quality required for IVF treatment is MOT5. Follow the link to read more about sperm motility.

Can low sperm count be used for IVF?

If you suffer from a low sperm count, IVF treatment might be the solution for you. In IVF treatment the sperm cells are placed in a petri dish close to the egg, thus increasing the chances of fertilization, even for men with low sperm count. If IVF treatment does not work, you can try ICSI treatment where a single sperm cell is injected into the egg.