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ICSI treatment being performed

How much sperm is used for ICSI?

For ICSI treatment we recommend using 1 MOT5 straw or higher. If your fertility clinic can wash the ICI straw, you can use both IUI and ICI sperm straws for ICSI treatment. You should always ask your clinic for advice before you place your order.

When ordering donor sperm for ICSI treatment, we recommend you make a reservation for extra straws to make sure that you have enough sperm from your favorite sperm donor.

What sperm quality is required for ICSI?

The sperm quality required for ICSI treatment is MOT5. Follow the link to read more about sperm motility.

How is sperm collected for ICSI?

It is possible to use sperm from a partner or a donor for ICSI treatment. If the sperm comes from a donor, the sperm is collected through a donation process where the donor is screened thoroughly. If the sperm is from a partner, it is either collected through extraction or masturbation. From there a single sperm cell is extracted and used to fertilize the egg.