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How much sperm is used for IUI?

For IUI treatment we recommend using 1 x IUI MOT10 straw or higher per cycle. If your fertility clinic consent, it is also possible to use ICI sperm. For treatment with ICI sperm, we recommend using 4 x ICI MOT5, 2 x ICI MOT10 or 1 x ICI MOT20 straw or higher, per cycle. Always consult your clinic for advice before you place your order.

When ordering donor sperm for IUI treatment, we recommend you make a reservation for extra straws to make sure that you have enough sperm from your favorite donor.

What sperm quality is required for IUI?

If you want to use IUI donor sperm for your treatment, we recommend using 1 MOT10 straw. If you are going to use ICI sperm, the recommendation is 4 x ICI MOT5, 2 x ICI MOT10 or 1 x ICI MOT20 straw or higher per treatment.

Read the difference between ICI and IUI sperm straws here.

What is the IUI success rate?

According to this study, the success rate for IUI is around 18 % per cycle for women under 30 and proportionately declines with age. Compared to ICI treatment, the success rates of IUI are slightly higher, but also come at a higher cost per treatment.