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Sperm being frozen

How much does it cost to freeze sperm?

The cost of freezing your sperm starts at $1,050 for three months of storage. After three months it is possible to prolong the storage monthly for $50 or purchase a longer period thus reducing the monthly costs. Here below we explain the process of sperm freezing and the costs associated with each step:

  • Medical consultation: Before it is possible to have your sperm stored, you must undergo different medical tests to ensure your health and sperm quality. The initial consultation costs $150 and the required infectious disease testing costs $200.
  • Sperm freezing: The process of freezing your sperm has a total cost of $550. Included in the sperm freezing is an expense of $300 for the initial deposit processing and freezing, as well as a charge of $250 for an additional deposit processing and freezing fee.
  • Sperm storage: The sperm storage fee varies based on the storage length. If you want to prolong the storage monthly, you will be charged $50 each month. It is also possible to prepay for a longer period, thus reducing the monthly cost.

What does it cost to store the sperm afterwards?

Sperm storage at Cryos starts at $50 for one month. It is possible to reduce the monthly costs by choosing a longer period. The prices for sperm storage are as follows:

  • Monthly: $50
  • 3 months prepaid: $150
  • 6 months prepaid: $250
  • 1 year prepaid: $425
  • 2 year prepaid: $750
  • 3 year prepaid: $1135
  • 5 year prepaid: $1550
  • 10 year prepaid: $2500

Follow this link to read more about the prices of sperm storage at Cryos.