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What does sperm motility (MOT) mean?

MOT is short for motility. It represents the number of active sperm cells per milliliter of specimen. Active sperm cells are those that are motile and can swim to the egg. For example, 1 ml MOT20 contains a minimum of 20 million active sperm cells after thawing. Remember, our sperm straws contain 0.5 ml which means that each straw contains a minimum of MOT/2 million active sperm cells. Read more about sperm motility and quality.

Sperm motility is important when ordering donor sperm for fertility treatment, since fertility clinics have different preferences regarding favourite choice of MOT. Therefore, it is important that you talk to your clinic before ordering donor sperm. If you are planning on using sperm for home insemination, we recommend you order 2 x ICI or IUI MOT10 straws.

If you want to learn more about the difference between ICI and IUI sperm straws, then follow the link to our page on the subject.