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Lesbian parents and their donor-conceived child

Can I get in touch with the sperm donor in the future?

Sometimes donor-conceived children, parents or donors contact us to get in touch with each other. It may sound like a positive thing, but we have obligations towards everyone involved.

Clients and donors have signed an agreement never to try and contact each party. But of course, we have no agreement with the children and cannot influence their behavior.

The identity of the Non-ID Release Donors will remain confidential forever, while the identity of the ID Release Donors will be kept secret until the child turns 18 and decides he/she wants to get in contact with the donor. If that is the case, the child can contact Cryos and will provide identifying information about the donor. ID release donors have given consent to meet the children. However, Cryos has no responsibility for this. It depends solely on the children and the donor themselves. To access identifying information, the children will need the donor number or alias.