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Is blood type important for my choice of sperm donor?

The sperm donors blood type is tested according to the AB0-system (A, B, AB or 0), and the Rhesus-system (-/+). It is rare that the blood type has relevance towards the choice of donor, just as rare as it would be when finding a partner under natural conditions. If you choose a sperm donor based on the blood type, please remember that this could limit the availability of sperm donors when making your selection.

Now, the blood type can be important if the woman’s blood type is Rhesus negative (expressed Rh-) and if the donor is Rh+. In this case, there is a 50% chance that the child will get the blood type Rh+, while risking the mother developing antibodies against the child. This is normally not a problem in the first pregnancy, but the following pregnancies should be monitored carefully.