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    Who are the donors

    Cryos sperm and egg donors are altruistic and diverse individuals from every walk of life. They have made the conscious choice to help families in need and understand the importance of their donation.


      What are the donors motivations?

      The donors at Cryos understand the seriousness of infertility and have usually been impacted by it in some way throughout their lives. Many donors have had family members or friends that were trying to conceive or learned they were infertile. Others knew friends who were LGBTQ and unable to conceive on their own without help. Today’s younger donors may also have had friends or acquaintances that were donor conceived as well. From those experiences they choose to help others by becoming a donor.

      Each donor’s motivation is different. Cryos interviewed two donors to further understand their motivations for donating. Egg donor Anna tells how her motivation came from women in her life that went through the painful IVF process. Her full interview about egg donation can be found by following the link.

      Sperm donor Adam discusses how the gratefulness of having his own children gave him the motivation to donate. Finding gratitude in helping others become parents through home insemination, IUI or IVF treatment.

      Follow the link to see Adam´s full interview regarding sperm donation.

      What is the difference between Non-ID Release & ID Release Donors?

      Cryos donors choose what type of donor they want to become. The choice to be a Non-ID Release Donor, means that a donor’s personal information will never be released to anyone. Many donors choose this option to negate future contact with their donor children and Cryos always respects the donor’s privacy. More information about Non-ID Release Donors and ID Release Donors can be found through the link.

      The choice to become an ID Release Donor, means that the donor can be contacted after the donor child turns 18. This is a way for a child to connect to their genetic roots and find out more information about their donor. Parents who raise donor children often educate their child about their donor to prepare them for the future.

      Whatever type of profile a donor chooses, they will never be held liable for parental rights or responsibilities.

      What can I learn from donor profiles?

      The personality of a donor can be experienced through many profile types. Extended profile donors are equipped with emotional intelligence examinations that give future parents an overview on the traits found in each personality. An interview is also conducted to learn more about the donors ambitions, career and educational background.

      Donor profiles that provide childhood and sometimes adult photographs give potential parents a glimpse into the future of what their potential child could look like. Donors also provide a hand written letter and audio interview that discusses their reasons for donating.

      Exploring donors based on your personal needs can be a very rewarding process. Cryos offers hundreds of donors that can be accessed through our free Sperm Donor search or Egg Donor seach.

      Are sperm & egg donors compensated?

      Yes, sperm and egg donors receive compensation for spending their time and energy helping others. Cryos donors are smart, educated and driven individuals. Despite the extensive process donors must go through, they find it to be a rewarding experience knowing that one day, their donations will help others in need. Without the benevolent nature of these donors, it would be impossible for us to do what we do.

      If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a donor please visit our donor page here. Becoming a donor is a great way to help others while being compensated for your time and effort.

      Do you have more questions?

      If you have any questions regarding the Cryos sperm and egg donors, please contact one of our Customer Care Representatives. Cryos is happy to help and provide information that makes it possible for your dreams of having a child to become a reality.

      Call us at (407) 203-1175, email us at [email protected], or chat with us on this website during operating hours.