Meet the Egg Donors

    At Cryos, we are proud to have a large selection of egg donors from a wide variety of ethnicities and races. Here we discuss why women choose to donate and how they are selected as donors.

    Egg donors at Cryos go through an extensive selection process to ensure that they are physically and psychologically fit. Here a Cryos donor tells about her personal decision to help families by becoming an egg donor. 

    Anna and her motivation for donating

    “I’m a donor because I’ve seen so many different perspectives of the egg donation process. I worked with an individual who struggled to create a family. Later in life, I met someone who was the product of an egg donation. I thought it was a wonderful, beautiful thing that I wanted to be a part of”

    Anna, Donor

    Who are the egg donors?

    The Cryos egg donors are all very different, but they are all altruistic individuals. Our donors are students and/or woman who have started their own families and want to help others be able to do the same. All the egg donors are between 18 and 30 years old. The donors are all individuals who are either pursuing higher education, have a degree, or have a successful career. As you can see from their profiles, they have a wide range of professions, interests and hobbies. Many of our donors are current students attaining their bachelors, masters or PhDs.   

    Orlando has a diverse population, and our donor pool reflects that. This means that the Cryos donors have many different ethnical backgrounds and phenotypes. Through our website, you can search for different donor attributes  in the Donor Search to see our selection

    How we select the egg donors 

    Before becoming a Cryos egg donor, the applicants go through an extensive selection process. Only about 3% of the applicants are accepted to become donors. Below, we have illustrated a simplified version of the process from the first step of initial application to the last step of being accepted as an egg donor: 

    Step 1:

    The donor candidate fills out an online application form and submits it through our website.  

    Step 2: 

    If the application is accepted, the candidate completes a detailed medical and genetic history about themselves and their family members. 

    Step 3: 

    If they are eligible, the egg donor candidate is invited to candidate meeting to learn more about the entire process of becoming an egg donor. Blood and urine samples for infectious and hereditary disease screening will also be done at this time 

    Step 4:

    The candidate will undergo a psychological assessment with a mental health professional, at a private practice counseling office. A background check will also be conducted at this point. 

    Step 5: 

    An appointment will be scheduled with our physician for an examination including a physical exam, pelvic ultrasound and blood draw.

    Step 6: 

    Finally, about 3% of the donor candidates are accepted as Cryos egg donors. 

    If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, take the first step today and fill out our online application today.