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    Basic & Extended Donor Profiles

    Cryos offers two types of donor profiles: Basic and Extended. Each type of profile helps you in your decision by offering the right amount of information you require to have available for your future child. 


      Choosing a sperm or egg donor

      Basic donor profile

      Cryos offers basic donor profiles for couples and individuals who are seeking a donor with only the most critical, limited information available about them. Donors with a Basic profile are registered with information that includes the following characteristics: Race, ethnicity, eye color, hair color, height, weight, blood type and profession/education. Choosing a basic profile offers the anonymity that many people prefer when choosing a donor.  

      Begin your search for Extended Donor Profile in our Sperm Donor Search or our Egg Donor Search.


      Extended donor profile 

      Many couples and individuals find it best to choose a donor who not only resembles their physical characteristics but often their interests as well. Cryos offers extended donor profiles to offer a wider glimpse into the lives of their potential future donor.   

      Donors with an Extended Donor Profile are registered with the Basic profile information plus additional details including background, physical characteristics, education, profession, personality, health and family history, photos, handwritten greeting, voice sample, staff impression, and EQ tests.  

      A staff impression is a brief subjective description of the donor written by a staff member from Cryos to give you more of an in depth look at how the Cryos team understands the donor.


      Deciding between a Basic & Extended donor profile

      The profile type you choose is entirely up to you and based on your personal preferences. If you are in doubt about which type of donor profile to choose, you are welcome to reach out to our Customer Care Team via online chat.

      It is also possible to choose a Donor Profile where pictures of the donors as adults are available or even choosing an Exclusive Donor.


      Do you need help making a decision?

      At Cryos, we want to support and help you on your path to parenthood. Please contact us if you have questions or need further information about choosing the right donor for you.