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    Donor Profiles with Adult Photos

    Have you ever wondered what a Cryos donor looks like as an adult? Cryos has donors available who have provided adult photos to help you make the best decision when choosing the donor for your future child.

    Donor profiles with adult photos 

    If you are looking for a donor with special attributes, Cryos offers a diverse group of donors who have provided a glimpse into their adult life. All donors with adult photos have an extended profile including a descriptive bio, childhood photo(s), handwritten message, voice recording and an emotional intelligence profile. They are all ID Release, which means that your child will have the opportunity to contact the donor, should they choose too once they turn 18 years old. 


    Access to donor adult photos 

    Adult photos for egg donors are included with every extended profile. Adult photos for sperm donors are located behind a page stating, “Adult photos of this donor ahead”. All of our adult photo donors are available to search for free. If you are specifically interested in only donors with adult photos, please contact our Customer Care Team and they can give you a list. 

    New donor updates 

    While we will be starting with a limited selection of the Cryos sperm donors with adult photos available in their profile, new donors will be added frequently. We will also be updating our donor profiles with video, which is an exciting opportunity to learn more about your donor and their personality traits. To get a list of our donors with adult photos, please contact our Customer Care Team and they can help you easily find them. 


    • Note that our sperm donors who already show up on our website with an Extended Profile will never have adult photos added to their profiles. Only new donors will have the ability to have adult photos within their profile.