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    How many eggs to order

    Many of our customers have questions about the number of donor eggs they should order. Below are the answers to this and other questions about purchasing donor eggs.

      How many donor eggs should I order? 

      Cryos has a Donor Egg Quality One Blastocyst Guarantee if you purchase at a cohort of 6 or more eggs. However, the decision should ultimately be made by you and your physician. The amount of donor eggs you should order is to be determined by your specific needs, fertility treatment type, and doctor preferences.

      When should I place my order? 

      You should place your order as soon as possible, but at the very least, they should be ordered 2 days prior to the desired shipping date. You should work with your clinic to select the right shipping date and we will work directly with them as well. Please note that some clinics only receive shipments on specific days. 

      To learn more about donor egg delivery click here. 

      Will Cryos coordinate with my clinic? 

      If your clinic is already a Cryos Reference clinic, the answer is yes! We will work with new clinics as well, but we need to ensure that they can warm eggs properly and abide by our rigorous quality standards in the laboratory. A Cryos Customer Care associate will contact the clinic to complete the registration process and find a contact to work with on the delivery details.

      Does Cryos offer a guarantee? 

      We know that donor egg treatment can be very expensive and having a guarantee is important for our clients.   

      To qualify for our donor egg quality one blastocyst guarantee, the frozen donor eggs can only be shipped to a clinic that has experience with our egg warming protocols and laboratory procedures. Click here to learn more about our egg blastocyst guarantee.  

      Read more under Delivery of Donor Eggs 
      Click here to start the egg ordering process 

      We are here for you

      At Cryos, we wish to support and help you on your path to parenthood. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need further information. If you need any help finding the right egg donor for your treatment, then follow the link to our guide.