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    Reserving Your Donor Gametes

    Cryos offers donor reservations available online. Reserving donor gametes is a great way to plan for your future child and your child’s future siblings.

    A reservation allows you to purchase your donor’s eggs or sperm now and hold it in storage, for a fee, at our facility for a period of one month or up to ten years. You own the donation, but we will keep them safely stored for you until you are ready for us to ship them for use. 

    Reservation of donor gametes stored at Cryos

    Why reserve? 

    There are many reasons you might want to reserve your favorite donor’s gametes. If you have found your favorite donor and want to make sure you have enough straws to proceed when you are ready to do your fertility treatment. Reservations are important because your favorite donor could sell out! Reservations give you the option to plan for and next treatments and also your future family if you think you may want more biologically related children in the future.  

    How to reserve your order 

    Reserving your order is easy. You can reserve donor straws in the same way as you place an order. Go to your selected donor profile in the Cryos donor database and scroll down, add the number of straws you want into the “Reserve” line instead of the “Order” line, and then click the add to basket button. You will then need to login or create an account to pay and confirm your reservation straws. 

    You can also call our Customer Care department at (+1) 407 203 1175 ext. 1 – they will be happy to help you place your reservation 

    How much should you reserve? 

    To determine how many straws to order, take into consideration the following: 

    • How many straws does your donor currently have in stock? 
    • How many children do you want to have? 
    • Your age is a factor. If you are over 35, it may take you more tries to conceive. 
    • Have you experienced any fertility complications? You may need to do multiple fertility treatments to conceive. 

    Placing an order and reserving additional straws at the same time 

    You may want to place an order for your treatment and purchase some extra straws on reservation to use in the future. You can do this at the same time, which ensures that your get the donor you want. 

    Does Cryos buy back sperm straws? 

    Yes, we do have a buyback policy. As long as your straws remain stored at Cryos, we will refund you 75% of the straw purchase price. However, if your sperm straws are shipped to a clinic and stored there, they are ineligible for buy back. We are unable to guarantee the conditions in which they are stored so we are unable to offer a refund. In terms of refunding for storage; we do not refund storage fees that have already been paid. 

    How to cancel, ship or extend a reservation 

    By logging into your Cryos profile on the website, you can cancel, ship, or extend the reservation of your donor straws. Under “Your Reservation” you can terminate the storage of some or all your straws. In the same area, you can extend the reservation time or request the delivery of your straws if you are now ready to use them. 

    You can also call our Customer Care department at (+1) 407 203 1175 ext. 1 to help you terminate, ship or extend your reservation. 

    How much does a reservation cost 

    A reservation includes two costs: 

    • The price of the donor straws you select 
    • The price of the storage duration you select 

    The chart below shows the fees for straw storage from one month up to ten years. Storage fees are per reservation, not per straw, and you can add multiple straws to one reservation. 

    Sperm Storage Fees

    3 months Prepaid $150
    6 months Prepaid $250
    1 year Prepaid $425
    2 year Prepaid $750 
    3 year Prepaid $1135
    5 year Prepaid $1550
    10 year Prepaid $2500

    How to add more straws to an existing reservation

    If you would like to add more straws to an existing reservation, please call our Customer Care Team at (+1) 407 203 1175 ext. 1 to assist you. Adding more paid straws to your current reservation is free. 

    Cryos is here to help you 

    Cryos wants to help you on your path to parenthood. Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or need more information. Our bilingual Customer Care department is here to help and support you in every way possible.