Country specific requirements (Standards)

To ensure that donor sperm from Cryos comply with country specific requirements, we operate with different Standards.

All units marked with the EU Standard comply with the specific requirements in force in European Union at the time of donation. All units marked with the DK Standard comply with the specific requirements in Denmark which were in force at the time of donation and subsequently with the other standards. The individual units marked fulfill the requirements regarding screening, quarantine, age and donor identification.

All donors and all units have been selected and screened according to Cryos International’s extensive quality assurance, operational procedures and policies for donor recruitment, assessment and screening.

Here you can see which Standards we operate with:

CAN – CanadaISR – Israel
DE – GermanyITA – Italy
DK – DenmarkNL – Netherlands
EE – EstoniaNO – Norway
EU – European Union*NYS – New York State
FI – FinlandSE – Sweden
GR – GreeceUK – United Kingdom
IE – IrelandUSA – United States of America