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    Fertility preservation for men

    Male fertility preservation is freezing and storage of a man’s sperm to ensure the possibility of having a child at a later stage in lifeCryos in Orlando is specialized in freezing and storage of sperm.

      As more men think about fertility there are several good reasons for you to think about it. The future is unpredictable and your ability to reproduce offspring does decrease as you get older. Male menopause is real and the best sperm quality you will have is right now! Learn more about the sperm freezing process by following the link.


      Why should you freeze your sperm? 

      The majority of men that come to us for fertility preservation are going through some sort of medical crisis. But there are several other reasons you might want to store sperm samples for future use including: 

      • You are considering a vasectomy
      • You are facing medical treatments that may cause sterility* 
      • You are unable to produce a sperm sample on demand 
      • You work with hazardous chemicals that may harm your sperm quality 
      • You are in the armed services and being deployed 
      • You want to safeguard your ability to reproduce in the future 

      Want to learn more about the price of male fertility preservation, then follow the link to our page on the subject. 

      *Cryos recommends that the sperm is collected before treatment commences. If this is not possible, we recommend that you consult the doctor responsible for your treatment for further guidance.

      Who Can Do Fertility Preservation? 

      If you have gone through puberty you have the ability to preserve your fertility. Some people have little to no sperm in their ejaculate, or a very low sperm quality. We can analyze your sample and work with you to try to increase your quantity and quality. You can learn more about storing your sperm for later use here.  

      Got Questions About Male Fertility Preservation? 

      You are welcome to contact us, if you have any questions about male fertility preservation. Cryos has more than 30 years of experience with sperm preservation and we are ready to help you.