Storing sperm at Cryos

    Freezing and storing your sperm is a good way to ensure the possibility of having a child in the future. Learn about having sperm stored at Cryos here.   

      There are various reasons why men have their sperm frozen and stored for use later in life. Regardless of your reason, you can feel safe when having your sperm stored with Cryos in Orlando.  


      What is a Sperm Storage 

      When you have made a sperm sample, the sample is frozen and stored in a tank with liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees. The sperm can be stored in the tank for as long as needed. The storage tanks at Cryos are extremely secure. They are completely independent of electricity and are monitored at all times to ensure the highest possible degree of safety. 

      Transferring Existing Sperm Storage to Cryos 

      If you want to have your existing sperm storage transferred from e.g. a fertility clinic to the storage facility at Cryos, we are ready to help you. Transferring your existing storage to Cryos is an easy process. The sperm is shipped in nitrogen dry shipper tank via approved and reliable services. The shipper is safe for transfer for at least 7 days but is sent within the US using priority overnight delivery. You will receive confirmation when your sperm has arrived at our facility. 

      Having Your Sperm Delivered 

      When you want your sperm delivered, log onto your profile on our website using your username and password. Select the quantity of sperm straws you need, attach a copy of your driver's license or passport, and click submit. You will receive a confirmation e-mail 

      You can have the sperm delivered to your address, to a fertility clinic, or you can pick it up at Cryos in Orlando.

      Renewing Your Sperm Storage 

      A reminder will be sent to you well in advance of your storage expiration date. You can always renew the storage period online. Log on to your profile on our website. Select renewal, enter the desired renewal period and click submit. You will then receive a confirmation email. If you do not renew your storage, it will be terminated, and your sperm will be destroyed.  

      You can see the prices for sperm storage here and you can read about the process when making a sperm sample here. 

      Any Questions? 

      If you have any questions regarding sperm storage at Cryos, you are welcome to give us a call or send us an email 

      Terminating Your Sperm Storage 

      If you want to terminate your storage, log onto your account. Select termination, attach a copy of your driver's license or passport, and click submit. You will then receive a confirmation email.