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    The price of sperm freezing and storage

    Get an overview of Cryos’ prices on freezing sperm and having a sperm storage here.

      Male Fertility Preservation Pricing is in USD and is valid as of 19JUN2017

      Sperm Freezing

      Sperm Storage Consultation$150
      Initial Deposit Processing and Freezing  $300
      Required Infectious Disease Testing$200
      Additional Deposits Processing & Freezing Fee$250 

      Sperm Storage Fees

      3 months Prepaid$150
      6 months Prepaid$250
      1 year Prepaid$425
      2 year Prepaid$750
      3 year Prepaid$1135
      5 year Prepaid$1550
      10 year Prepaid$2500

      See the conditions for storage of sperm in ourTerms of Agreement.