The sperm freezing process

    If you have decided to have your sperm frozen, you must visit us at Cryos in Orlando for a consultation, sperm sample and blood test. The process is quite simple and you can see how it works step by step here. 

      Step 1: Initial Consultation

      The first step is an initial consultation with one of our andrology experts. At the consultation, you have the possibility to discuss the options available to you based on your particular situation. 

      Step 2: Sperm Sample

      Following the consultation, you will provide a sperm sample in our facilities. We have clean and private donation rooms where you can take your time to make the sample. We recommend an abstinence period of 2-3 days prior to making the sperm sample. 

      Step 3: Blood Test 

      To ensure that your sperm is healthy, we will do a blood test on you. We are testing the sample for a range of infectious diseases. 

      Step 4: The Sperm is Frozen and Stored 

      The last step in the process is for us to freeze and store your sperm sample in our laboratory. The sperm is frozen at -196 degrees in a storage tank at Cryos in Orlando. You can have your sperm stored until you need it. Follow the link to see the prices of sperm freezing and sperm storage 

      Got Questions or Ready to Book a Consultation? 

      If you have any questions regarding the process of having your sperm frozen at Cryos, you are welcome to contact us. If you are ready to book a consultation, please call us.