Why freeze sperm

    Freezing your sperm at Cryos may be a good option for you to secure your possibility of having a child later in life. Read about the reasons why men freeze their sperm here. 

      First of all, most people dream of starting a family at some point in life. You may not be ready for it now, but you should definitely have the option if and when you are ready.  

      You may consider freezing your sperm simply because you want to safeguard your ability to reproduce. However, there may be other individual reasons why you should consider freezing your sperm. Read about some of the reasons why men freeze their sperm below.  


      You are considering a vasectomy

      If you are considering having a vasectomy as a birth control, it may be a good idea to have your sperm frozen prior to the treatment. This way you ensure your possibility of having a child later in life, if you change your mind.   

      You are facing serious medical treatment 

      Some medical treatments can be harmful to the sperm cells and the ability to reproduce in the future. Therefore, it is a good idea to have your sperm frozen prior to treatment. Examples of medical treatments that are harmful to the sperm cells are chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Ideally, you should have your sperm frozen before treatment begins.  

      You are unable to provide a sperm sample on demand 

      To some men, it is challenging to provide a sperm sample on demand when planned fertility treatment is taking place. An solution to the problem is to make a sperm sample in advance. The sperm sample can be frozen and later thawed when the treatment of your partner is taking place. 

      You work with chemicals that may harm your sperm 

      If you are exposed to dangerous chemicals at your work and you fear that they may harm your fertility, you can have your sperm frozen prior to exposure.  

      You are deployed or about to be deployed 

      If you are about to be deployed, there may be a risk to your future reproductive potential. Therefore, you may choose to have your sperm frozen prior to deployment. This secures your possibility of having a child after military service.  

      Is sperm freezing for you? 

      If you are in doubt whether sperm freezing at Cryos may be a good option for you, you are welcome to contact us for guidance. You can also call us to book a time to make your first sperm sample at Cryos.