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    The price of egg freezing and storage

    Fertility preservation fees can be covered out of pocket, through financing or even with insurance. Here we guide you through the pricing options for fertility preservation.

    Female fertility preservation pricing

    All prices are in USD and valid as of JUN 19th, 2017.

    Medical and social egg freezing

    Physician Consultation & Initial Testing*$250
    Monitoring, Stimulation, Retrieval, Vitrification & First 3 Years Storage$9,600
    Medication (variable)$2,000-4,000

    *$250 Consultation fee credited toward retrieval upon completion of procedure. Follow the link to learn more about our financing options regarding fertility preservation.

    Egg and embryo storage fees

    3 months Prepaid$150
    6 months Prepaid$250
    1 year Prepaid$425
    2 years Prepaid$750
    3 years Prepaid$1135
    5 years Prepaid$1550
    10 years Prepaid$2500


    Does the price include multiple cycles? 

    The cost of egg freezing at Cryos is based on one egg freezing cycle. Cryos also offers an egg freezing guarantee to help ensure you freeze the number of eggs you need for the future. 

    Does insurance cover the cost of freezing eggs? 

    Coverage for fertility preservation depends on the terms of your insurance. There are many patients whose insurance covers a small portion of treatment, including ovarian reserve testing. Contact your insurance agent/company to further understand the coverage in your policy.  

    Are there payment options for egg freezing? 

    The cost of egg freezing may be prohibitive for some individuals and couples, but we do offer financingto help you with this option for fertility preservation. Our Customer Care Representatives will be happy to speak with you and go over the available options during your initial visit. 

    Questions about this process? 

    If you have any questions regarding preservation options for women, please schedule an appointment with a Cryos Customer Care Representative or Egg Donor Coordinator to better understand the options available to you. We are happy to help and provide services that make it possible for your dreams to become a reality. 

    Phone: (407)-203-1175  

    Email us at [email protected] 

    Or visit our live online chat system available on the Cryos website during operating hours.