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Cryos has made it easy for you and your patients to order from our extensive sperm and egg donors' selection.

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It really speaks to the high-quality process Cryos has in place and their diligence in ensuring only the best for their patients and customers. I’m proud to be a reference IVF clinic and know that my patients have the best possible chance of conceiving thanks to Cryos.

Melissa M. Yates, MD, Medical Director
Advanced Reproductive Specialist

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Cryos donor sperm and eggs for your fertility treatment
Cryos donor sperm and eggs for your fertility treatment
Cryos donor sperm and eggs for your fertility treatment

Making Dreams Come True In A Professional Manner

With more than 35 years of experience, Cryos has the highest number of registered pregnancies worldwide and the largest selection of carefully screened sperm and egg donors. 

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These success rates for frozen donor eggs are almost unheard of in our industry and well surpass that of our competitors. For our patients, this means a significantly greater chance at building a family they once could only dream about. We’re proud to help them on that journey.

Corey Burke, Cryos USA
Tissue Bank Director

How We Screen

Our Donors

Screening of donors
Screening of donors
Screening of donors

Carefully Selected High-Quality Donors

All Cryos’ donors have been selected and screened according to Cryos’ extensive quality assurance, operational procedures and policies for donor recruitment, assessment and screening. Only those donor applicants that pass the thorough screening program become a Cryos sperm or egg donor. 

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Becoming A Reference Clinic With Cryos Sperm & Egg Bank  

Cryos donor sperm and eggs provide the quality and standards your patients need for fertility treatment. To get started, learn more about registering as a cooperating clinic 

Ordering donor specimen for your clinic 

Ordering donor sperm and eggs has never been easier. Start by following our step by step guide to ordering. Make the right decision for your patients by working with Cryos.  

Our MOT guarantee 

Our MOT Guarantee ensures that each sperm straw meets the needs of your patient’s fertility treatment. Learn more about the levels of motility available for donor sperm 

Our one blastocyst guarantee 

Clinics that have observed Cryos’ warming procedures will qualify for our Donor Egg Blastocyst Guarantee. Learn more about our blastocyst guarantee here 

Our vision, mission & values 

Cryos ensures a diverse selection of high-quality donor sperm and eggs. We offer fertility treatment options that meet the needs of your patients with our excellent service