Cryos MOT Guarantee

    Our MOT Guarantee consists of different options for millions of motile sperm cells. MOT5, MOT10, MOT20 and MOT30+ all containing 2.5 million or more, motile sperm cells per straw.  

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    Source(s): | | Success rates for Intrauterine insemination as a function of amount of sperm used.References: Average of data from: Nuojua-Huttunen S, Tomas C, Bloigu R, Tuomivaara L, Martikainen H (March 1999). “Intrauterine insemination treatment in subfertility: an analysis of factors affecting outcome“. Hum. Reprod. 14 (3): 698–703. PMID 10221698., assuming an average insemination volume of 1ml (“Insemination volumes ranged from 0.5 to 2 ml”) | Kang BM, Wu TC (July 1996). “Effect of age on intrauterine insemination with frozen donor sperm“. Obstet Gynecol 88 (1): 93–8. DOI:10.1016/0029-7844(96)00074-9.PMID 8684770. | Pasqualotto EB, Daitch JA, Hendin BN, et al (October 1999). “Relationship of total motile sperm count and percentage motile sperm to successful pregnancy rates following intrauterine insemination“. J. Assist. Reprod. Genet. 16 (9): 476–82. PMID 10530401.

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