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    Become a Cryos Reference Clinic

    Cryos supplies donor sperm and eggs meeting the quality standards and requirements for your clinic.  To get started with us, read about registering as a cooperating clinic and learn more about the reference clinic benefits and requirements.  

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    Cooperating Clinic

    As a cooperating clinic, there are many benefits for you and your patient.  Registering as a cooperating clinic is as easy as creating a log in and providing basic clinic information. Some of the benefits Cryos offers for you and your patient include:

    • World’s largest selection of sperm donors
    • Rapidly growing selection of egg donors
    • Sperm and egg quality to meet your clinic requirements
    • Easy online ordering and payment
    • No cost to your clinic
    • Customer Care infrastructure that has been honed for almost 30 years
    • Technical support
    • Sealed, safe and fast delivery by courier in a dry Ice package or in a nitrogen tank
    • Reduced staffing cost
    • No regulatory worries
    • No donor recruiting
    • 30 years in the donor gamete industry
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    Benefits of becoming a reference clinic

    • Preferred clinic pricing
    • Website listing your clinic as a trained reference clinic
    • Cryos’ egg survival guarantee
    • Eggs in inventory are immediately available
    • Brochures and marketing materials provided for your clients
    • Consultation with experts in complex cases
    • Less unnecessary financial costs and liability
    • Paid training in our protocols and warming methods
    • Benefit from consulting with a highly professional organization in complex cases
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