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    Why Choose Cryos

    Cryos strives to ensure the greatest selection of high quality donor eggs and sperm from all races and ethnicities. We provide the perfect opportunity for couples and individuals to begin their path to parenthood.  

      Cryos offers a wide range of Non-ID Release or ID Release Donors with either Basic or Extended profiles. Basic and Extended Donor Profiles are distinguished by the amount of donor information that is used and by the availability of baby pictures, audio clips, handwritten letters, emotional intelligence tests and staff impressions. It is also possible to choose an exclusive donor. 

      The Guinness Book of World Records has documented that Cryos has the largest sperm donor base in the world. Cryos cooperates with an extensive network of clinics and hospitals worldwide and has reached the highest number of registered donor sperm pregnancies in the world. 

      Single Mother by Choice and child

      Careful screening and medical testing 

      Cryos is recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and various state health departments as a licensed tissue center, is registered as an office surgery center by the State of Florida Board of Medicine and adheres to ASRM and AATB guidelines. 

      The donors undergo rigorous selection criteria and thorough medical examinations prior to acceptance and clearance to become a donor. 

      To Cryos - it is personal

      • Cryos supplies the sperm quality, meeting your personal requirement for fertility treatment.

      Contact Cryos 

      Do you have any questions? Cryos would be more than happy to assist you!  

      Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable bilingual Clinic Account Representatives, call us at (407) 203-1175 or email us at [email protected]. We also have a live online chat that you can access through our website.