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    8 steps to embryo development

    Cryos International Sperm and Egg Bank have helped create families for over 35 years. Using the Embryo Development Program through your clinic, we can assist you on your path to parenthood.

      There are 8 steps in the Cryos embryo development process. Here we offer a quick step by step guide to help you with navigating through the process. If you have any additional questions a Cryos representative will be happy to assist you.  


      Cryos International Embryo Creation

      A step-by-step introduction to embryo development

      Step 1

      Choose your frozen egg donor from our website. Our free donor search makes it easy to find the perfect donor. Make sure your donor has a minimum of 10 eggs available.

      Step 2

      If you are ordering donor sperm online, select a donor from our website. You will need a minimum of 2 MOT 10+ straws. If you are using your partner’s sperm, it needs to meet the criteria below.

      The following criteria is required:

      • Fertilization performed at Cryos’ laboratory by partner’s sperm frozen at the client’s clinic and shipped to Cryos or by a sperm donor meeting the below parameters.
      • Semen parameter (on the day of sperm thaw) require > 10+ million total motile sperm with a morphology of 2% or higher (Kruger strict criteria). Sperm will be checked at the time of egg warming/sperm thaw (prior to ICSI) to verify that it meets the required criteria.
      • No surgical procedures that require MESA, TESE, TESA or PESA.

      Step 3

      If you are using your partner’s sperm, we require a sperm analysis along with any other testing results to be approved.

      Step 4

      Please consult with your clinic and then call Cryos Clinic Account Team at: 407-203-1175 ext. 1 to commission an embryo development. The process will start after payment is complete

      Step 5

      Please fill out all the paperwork and return it to us, along with copies of your ID(s). We will also require embryology records from any previous IVF cycles, if applicable.

      Step 6

      Once your sperm is approved by our Tissue Bank Director, we will arrange a tank to be shipped to your clinic. Your sperm can then be sent to us.

      Step 7

      The embryo development process begins on the Monday after we receive, or you purchase, sperm. Your embryos will be ready within 3 weeks following that Monday.

      Step 8

      Once your embryos are ready, we will inform you and coordinate shipping with your clinic. Any sperm not used will be returned to you. Any straws not used will be refunded.

      Contact our clinic account department

      For any additional questions regarding the embryo development process with Cryos International please call us at (407) 203-1175 or email us at [email protected]. You can also reach us through our live online chat that you can access through our website here.