ProfessionalHow toHow to Handle Sperm Straws

    How to Handle Sperm Straws

    Cryos provides donor sperm to over 100 countries and will work with you and your clinic to ensure quality of all specimens. Here we will discuss the handling of donor shipments and best practices for use.   


      When you first receive the shipment please check the receipt to ensure the content within is undamaged. If transferring the frozen straws to another storage facility, it is important that the straws are moved quickly (within seconds) in order to avoid thawing.

      Identification of sperm straws:

      • Donor sperm: The first number labeled on the straw is the donor number, the second number labeled is the ejaculate number. (e.g. 4011-45, John-15).
      • For sperm straws containing the customers own sperm: The straws are marked with a unique number, name or combination of both. The last number refers to the ejaculate number.

      Emptying the straw without an adaptor:

      To empty the sperm straw without an adaptor first clean the straw using an alcohol pad. Cut the sealing in both ends of the straw and empty the content into a test tube or similar container.

      Emptying the straw into a syringe with an adaptor:

      To empty the sperm straw with an adaptor please follow the step by step instructions listed below.

      Step 1: Thaw the straw at room temperature between 22c-24c/72F-75F for approximately 15-20 minutes. If you want to perform a microscopic sperm analysis, it must be carried out just after thawing and before any preparation/use of sperm.

      Step 2: Fit the thick end of the adapter into the syringe

      Step 3: Clean the straw with an alcohol pad 

      Step 4: Check your straw type on the packing list.

      • CBS 0.5 ml straws: Cut off the other end of the straw 2.5 cm/1” from the top of the straw by the ID-number.
      • CBS 0.4 ml and IMV straws: Cut off the other end of the straw just below the plug under the ID-number.

      Step 5: Cut the sealed end of the straw (max. 0.5 cm/0.2”) opposite the end with the ID-number/name using a pair of scissors and place the cut end of the straw into the thin end of the adaptor.  

      Step 6: Keep the syringe upright. Slowly draw the content out of the straw into the syringe.

      At this point, the syringe and donor sample is ready for use. If you need any further help or information about this process, please contact our Clinic Account Team via phone +1 (407) 203-1175 or our online chat for assistance.