Extended Egg Donor Profile

    During the process of becoming accepted as a Cryos egg donor, you will choose whether to be a Non-ID Release or an ID Release donor. Your next step is to fill out your extended egg donor profile.

    You may have seen that Cryos sperm donors have the option to have both basic and extended donor profiles, however egg donors are required to have extended donor profiles only. This only affects the amount of information you provide, not whether you will be contacted by a potential future child or not – that is decided by choosing to be a Non-ID Release or Non-Non-ID Release donor 

    Individuals and couples who need to use an egg donor rely on your information to make a very personal choice. Read below to find out what kind of information is required in an Extended Profile. 


    Cryos egg donor – What does an extended donor profile have

    Extended Egg Donor Profile:

    Egg donors are registered with additional details that include:

    • Background information such as hobbies and childhood
    • Physical characteristics
    • Education
    • Profession
    • Personality
    • Health and family history
    • Handwritten message to the family
    • A voice sample reading out the handwritten message
    • Emotional intelligence test (EQ)
    • Child photograph if you are a Non-ID Release donor, child and adult photographs if you are a Non-ID Release donor

    You will complete a form with this information after you have been approved as an egg donor. Please include the photos and handwritten greeting with your form. Your child photos should be from between the ages of nine to twelve months up to not older than nine years old.  

    You will not be asked to reveal any personally identifying information for your Extended profile. Your final Extended Profile will not contain any identifying information about you.  

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