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    Cryos Face Matching

    Cryos Face Matching is a free donor search tool that helps you find donors who resemble a certain person (e.g., your patient or her partner).

      With Cryos Face Matching you can upload a photo of your patient or her partner and let the Face Matching tool show you the donors who resemble this person the most. It is free and easy to use:

      Try Cryos Face Matching


      Woman finding sperm donor with Cryos Face Matching

      Use Cryos Face Matching in just a few clicks

      Find out which sperm donors resemble your patient the most – just follow these steps:

      1. Go to Cryos Face Matching
      2. Upload a photo of the person you would like the donor to resemble (e.g., your patient or her partner)
      3. Add other filters such as eye colour, hair colour, ethnicity, etc.
      4. View donors and their Face Matching score

      Please note: The photo you upload will not be saved in our system. This means that the Face Matching scores will be available for the ongoing donor search only. If you return later, you will have to re-upload the photo.

      How does Cryos Face Matching work?

      Cryos Face Matching is an automated process based on advanced AI technology. When you upload a photo, our Face Matching tool will pinpoint and measure certain facial features and structures in the uploaded photo (e.g., the size and placement of the nose, eyes, and lips) and automatically compare these measures to those in the photos of every donor available for Face Matching. The more similarities the tool finds between the facial structures in a donor’s photo and the photo you upload, the higher the Face Matching score.

      The donor photos used by the Face Matching tool are used for this service only. This means that the photos remain private and are not accessible in the donor profiles.


      The Face Matching tool does not distinguish between colours of skin, hair, or eyes. To see results that match your patient’s wishes regarding these parameters, please make sure to include these filters in your donor search, too.
      The Face Matching score is an estimate of the overall resemblance and cannot tell you which facial features are most alike.

      Photo requirements for Face Matching

      Please ensure the image meets the following requirements:

      • Choose a close, cropped photo in high quality
      • File format: JPEG, PNG, GIF or BM
      • File size: Max 6 MB
      • Shows one person only - from shoulders to the top of the hair. The person must be facing forward, make eye contact and not wear glasses or similar that hide facial features. Also avoid extreme facial expressions such as a very strong smile, as this might “move” the facial structure
      • The portrait is in the correct orientation (rotated images may challenge face detection)

      Frequently asked questions about Cryos Face Matching

      Are all donors available for Face Matching?

      Cryos Face Matching is not limited to a certain type of sperm donor. Both ID Release and Non-ID Release donors with a Basic or Extended Profile may be available for Face Matching. However, not all donors are currently available for this service, as some donors may not have provided a photo or agreed to Face Matching. You can see whether a certain donor is available for Face Matching in his donor profile.

      Are the Cryos Face Matching photos available?

      The donor photos used by the Face Matching tool are used for this service only and are not accessible in the donor profiles.

      If you want to see photos of a donor, you must limit your search to Extended Profiles with child photos, or purchase access to see Adult Photos of ID Release donors (if available in your country).

      Will you keep my photo?

      No, the photo you upload will not be saved in our system. This means that the Face Matching results will be available for the ongoing search and then automatically be removed.

      Can I upload more than one photo?

      The Cryos Face Matching tool will currently only allow you to upload one photo at a time. If you would like to find a sperm donor who resembles more than one person, we recommend that you upload a photo of each person, one at a time, take a screenshot of the results, and then ultimately compare the Face Matching scores.