Sperm storage

    At Cryos you have the possibility to freeze and store your sperm for later use. There can be many reasons to why you would want to freeze and store your sperm. Common to all is the wish to preserve the possibility to have children later on in life.

      It is not possible to freeze your sperm at home, as you need the right equipment. Therefore, Cryos offers to freeze and store your sperm, so you can use it at a later time. Once the sperm is frozen it can be stored for the rest of your life (there is no expiration date). Freezing and storing of your sperm is what we call sperm storage.

      Frozen sperm stored at Cryos for later use

      Sperm storage could be a possibility if you:

      • Are considering a vasectomy
      • Are facing serious medical treatments in relation to cancer or other diseases that may cause sterility*
      • Are in treatment for infertility, but cannot be present at the scheduled time of treatment due to international travel, work, etc.
      • Are unable to provide a sperm sample on demand when the fertility treatment takes place
      • Work with hazardous chemicals that may harm your sperm
      • Simply wish to safeguard your ability to reproduce
      • *)  When depositing because of chemo/radiation therapy, we recommend that the sperm is collected before treatment begins. If this is not possible, we recommend that you consult the doctor responsible for your treatment for further guidance.

      Urgent help in acute medical cases 

      If it is outside Cryos’ opening hours, and you urgently need to freeze your sperm, you can reach us hereThis service is only to be used in case of acute medical attention. 

      How to store your sperm 

      If you wish to have sperm storage at Cryos, please contact one of our departments in Aarhus, Aalborg, Copenhagen or Odense to make an appointment. You will be asked to fill out a form when you show up, or have the form sent for signature in advance. The sperm sample can either be made at Cryos or in your own home. We just need the sperm sample within 1 hour after ejaculation. Glass containers for the sperm are available at Cryos. Remember to write your name and social security number on the label on the glass.

      Everyone who stores their own sperm falls under the “partner donors” category of the Danish Health Authority’s guidance because it is presumed that the sperm is going to be donated to a partner at some point. According to the guidance, all donors must be tested for anti-HIV 1/2, HBsAg, anti-HBc, and anti-HCV. The tests are mandatory. See the Danish Health Authority’s guidance nr. 9356 pct. 4.1 of 26.05.2015 for partner donors.

      Worth knowing before storing your sperm

      • When making a sperm storage, a sexual abstinence period of 2-3 days prior to collecting the sperm is recommended.  
      • If the sperm sample is not made at Cryos, it is important that the sperm is kept at room temperature (20-30° C).  
      • Before ejaculation, the penis should be cleaned with water and without using soap.  
      • The sperm should be emitted directly into the glass container. Try to avoid spilling and be aware that the best quality of sperm is found in the first drops.
      • Condoms should not be used for collecting the sperm due to spermicidal supplements in the condom.
      • Interrupted intercourse in connection to sampling the sperm is not recommended due to the risk of spilling.  

      Renew your sperm storage online  

      You must choose a storage period for the sperm when you set up sperm storage. The minimum period is 3 months - see the table below for all options. The storage period can always be renewed online by using the username and password, which will be provided when the sperm storage is set up.  

      We will send you a reminder in advance, to notify you about the expiration date. The first reminder will be through e-mail. If we do not hear from you, we will send you another reminder by recommended letter. If you do not wish to receive reminders by e-mail, we will send them by recommended letter at a cost of DKK 250 (excl. VAT). 

      How to get your sperm delivered from the storage

      From your online account, you can request your sperm samples to be shipped to a clinic of your choice. You can also fill out a delivery statement and send it by letter or fax to Cryos along with a copy of photo identification e.g., passport or driving license. Once the delivery statement is received, the delivery can take place. We will send the requested samples in a nitrogen tank, that keeps your sperm samples frozen and safe during the transportation. If you would like us to ship all your sperm samples at the same time, we recommend that the shipping is divided into two separate shipments on two different dates as a precautionary measure. If you do not want us to divide the shipment in two, you must send us a written confirmation per email before shipment can take place.

      Please choose nitrogen tank as shipping method for your delivery. Find prices and method of shipping sperm here - and please be aware, that you will be charged for two shipments if you request delivery of all remaining sperm samples.

      How to terminate your sperm storage

      Your storage can be terminated online by using your username and password. You can also fill out this termination statement and send it by letter or fax to Cryos along with a copy of photo identification e.g., passport or driving license. Once the termination statement is received, your storage will be terminated, and your straws will be destroyed.

      Unless you have a referral from a hospital with whom Cryos has a payment agreement, you will have to pay the cost of the sperm storage yourself. There are no grants from the Health Insurance or Health Insurance Denmark.  

      Our general sales and delivery terms apply to sperm storages.