Your Compensation as an Egg Donor

    Being an egg donor is an exciting and rewarding experience. Donors provide the opportunity to make other peoples’ dreams of having a child come true. Cryos compensates you for your time and physical commitment while offering free genetic and infectious disease screenings.

    Cryos egg donor  – What is the compensation

    Compensation and Payment Schedule

    In accordance with ASRM guidelines and for your well-being, we limit egg donations to a maximum of 6 times.

    The payment schedule for your egg donation is paid in two installments. The first installment is paid once the stimulation medications are started and the second installment is paid on the day of your egg retrieval.

    If an issue arises before the egg donation retrieval, the donor automatically forfeits all pending compensation.

    Compensation is paid by check.

    Donors are required to pay taxes on the amount earned from Cryos and you will receive a 1099. It is your responsibility to pay taxes on the amount earned.

    Benefits of Being a Frozen Egg Donor

    Being a frozen egg donor is a process that can begin immediately after you have registered as a donor. In contrast, being a fresh egg donor may require you to wait an extended period of time to match up with the right family. Due to the convenience of not needing to wait, the compensation for frozen donor eggs is lower than for fresh donor eggs.

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    Cryos is here for you

    At Cryos, we want to support and help you on your journey to become a donor. Please contact us if you have questions regarding compensation or need further information about becoming a Cryos egg donor.