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Would you like to donate your sperm or eggs? Being a sperm or egg donor is a rewarding experience as you help families across the world who need fertility treatment.

By donating your eggs or sperm, you can help others achieve their dream of becoming parents. In addition to the joy of helping others, you will get a free health check and be compensated for your time.

Learn more about being a sperm donor or egg donor at one of our locations and apply to become a Cryos donor today.

Why choose Cryos International Sperm & Egg Bank?

At Cryos, we help people make their dream of having a child come true. We are the world’s largest sperm and egg bank and distribute to more than 100 countries worldwide.

By creating a free account at Cryos you get full access to see all our sperm and egg donor profiles, including pictures of the donor, handwritten letters, medical history, and more. Depending on your country settings, we offer ID Release and Non-ID Release Donors, donors with Adult Photos, Face Matching, Genetic Matching, and more.

With more than 35 years of experience, Cryos is here to assist you or your patients on the journey to parenthood with personalized and professional guidance every step of the way. We speak more than 14 languages and provide frozen donor sperm and eggs for fertility treatments both domestically and abroad.

To Cryos, it’s personal.

Who are the donors?

At Cryos, we seek men and women from all ethnic backgrounds, and we pride ourselves in the diversity of our donors. All donors must complete a thorough screening process to minimize the chances of hereditary diseases being transferred to children born from their donations, and the main requirements as a donor at Cryos is to be in good health both physically and mentally. Donors at Cryos must choose between two types of donor profiles: Extended and Basic. The difference between the two profiles is the amount of information accessible. The donors must also decide whether to be ID Release or Non-ID Release. ID Release Donors agree to let Cryos release identifying information about them to children conceived from their donations. Once the child turns 18, they can enquire about the information. No information will ever be released about Non-ID Release Donors.

About Cryos

At our departments in Denmark, Cyprus, and the US, Cryos collects donations from men and women who wish to help others make their dream of having a child come true. The donor gametes are then processed in the lab to ensure a high-quality product ready for use in fertility treatment. Cryos is authorized as a tissue establishment and holds all relevant licenses and registrations by local authorities including the Danish Patient Safety Authority, FDA, Health Canada, and more. As quality, compliance, and safety are essential factors at Cryos, we are also certified in accordance with the international standard for quality management ISO 9001:2015. Moreover, we have in-house quality and legal departments as well as state-of-the-art laboratories.

As a sperm and egg bank, Cryos has a large network of top-performing fertility clinics. Via our online Donor Search, clinics and private persons can purchase the donor gametes and have it delivered to a clinic or healthcare professional.