Egg donor requirements

    To become an egg donor at Cryos you must be between 21 and 30 years old, have good quality eggs and meet our physical and mental health requirements. Learn more about the requirements here.

      As an egg donor you help other people’s dreams come true. We seek women from all ethnic backgrounds for our egg donation program and pride ourselves in the diversity of our egg donors. Please find the list of our additional egg donor requirements below.

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      Doctor and egg donor

      Egg donor requirements and qualifications

      To qualify as an egg donor, you must be:

      • Between the ages of 21 – 30
      • With a BMI between 19 – 28
      • Physically healthy and have both ovaries
      • Mentally healthy
      • Either a college or trade school student, college educated or have a successful, long-term career
      • Within a one-hour drive of our facility

      During the egg donation process, you will furthermore have to:

      • Take daily self-injections for a duration of approximately 7-14 days
      • Take oral birth control pills
      • Undergo a background check
      • Be able to attend all appointments during the donation process

      Factors that may affect your chances of becoming an egg donor

      You may be disqualified, if:

      • You are unable to provide information about the medical history of both sides of your biological family.
      • You or one of your family members has a serious genetic disorder.
      • You are currently using an injectable/implanted birth control method.
      • You are receiving treatment for Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea. You must wait 12 months from the date of treatment before you can start the process to become an egg donor.
      • You have an STD besides Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea (see above).
      • You have had or currently have genital venereal warts/condyloma.
      • You have recently visited an area with a Zika outbreak. You must wait six months before you can start the process to become an egg donor.
      • You use medicines for non-medical reasons.
      • You have sex with others for money or drugs.
      • You have recently been in a sexual relationship with a man that has had sex with another man.
      • You have already donated your eggs six or more times.
      • You are unable to pass a background check.

      Egg donor and doctor

      Why do egg donors need to meet these criteria?

      Egg donors at Cryos need to meet the requirements to improve the chances of their eggs being of good quality. The quality of the eggs is important to optimize the chances of successful fertility treatment for the recipient. Furthermore, making sure that the egg donor is healthy reduces the risk of passing on medical conditions to the child.

      Why donate your eggs?

      As an egg donor you help people make their dream of a child come true. For many of our egg donors this is their greatest reason to donate. Furthermore, you will be compensated for your time and effort with up to $6,000 per donation. As an extra benefit you will receive a comprehensive health evaluation and screening for infectious and genetic diseases.

      Learn more about the reasons for donating eggs or find out what our egg donors say.

      How do you become an egg donor?

      If you meet the requirements and you would like to become an egg donor, you need to go through a few steps before you can donate your eggs:

      1. Egg donor application form
      2. Health questionnaire
      3. Meeting with donor coordinator from Cryos
      4. Psychological assessment and clinical examination
      5. Stimulation and monitoring to grow and mature eggs
      6. Egg retrieval procedure

      Cryos egg bank near you

      Are you considering becoming an egg donor at Cryos? We have several egg bank locations in the US:

      • Orlando
      • Gainesville
      • Raleigh
      • Los Angeles

      As an egg donor at Cryos, you must be able to visit us frequently during the screening and monitoring process. That is why we recommend that you live or work within one hour from one of our locations.

      You can see our opening hours and how to contact Cryos here.

      Frequently asked questions on egg donor requirements

      How many times can I donate eggs?

      You can donate eggs 6 times.

      What are the most common reasons for disqualification?

      Most donors are disqualified for medical or genetic reasons.