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    Egg donor compensation and pay

    As an egg donor you provide the opportunity for other people to make their dream of a child come true. Furthermore, Cryos compensates you for your time and physical commitment with up to $5500 per donation.

      Becoming an egg donor is an exciting and rewarding experience in more than one way. Apart from the financial compensation, you will also receive a full health check and screening for diseases.

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      How much can you make as an egg donor?

      The amount you can make as an egg donor depends on the type of egg donor you choose to be:

      • A Non-ID Release (anonymous) egg donor earns $5000 per donation
      • An ID Release (non-anonymous) egg donor earns $5500 per donation

      In accordance with ASRM guidelines, we limit egg donations to a maximum of 6 times. This means you can earn up to between $30,000 and $33,000 as an egg donor. Follow the link to read more about Non-ID Release and ID Release Donor Profiles.

      Please note, that egg donors are required to pay taxes on the amount earned from egg donation and as an egg donor you will receive a 1099 form. It is your responsibility to pay taxes on the amount earned.

      How and when will you receive your payment as an egg donor?

      The compensation is paid by check and in two installments.

      • The first installment is paid once you start taking the medication to stimulate your egg production.
      • The second installment is paid on the day of your egg retrieval.

      Additional benefits of becoming an egg donor

      Some women decide to donate because of the compensation they receive, but there are many other benefits of being an egg donor:

      • Making a difference: As an egg donor, you help people struggling with infertility to fulfill their dreams of having a baby.
      • Free genetic screening: An important part of being an egg donor is making sure that you are healthy. As a result, egg donors are screened for various genetic diseases during the screening process.
      • Health check: Once you become an egg donor, you receive regular health checks to minimize the risk of transferring any disease to the recipient or future child.

      Money is not the primary motivation for egg donors

      Many people assume that egg donors' primary motivation for donating is financial gain. However, egg banks are not permitted to pay donors for their eggs and many of our donor’s primary motivation for donating is to help others fulfil their dream of a child.

      Are you curious to learn more about egg donors' reasons for donating? Watch the video below where Anna explains why she decided to donate her eggs:

      Do you meet the requirements?

      Are you interested in becoming an egg donor, but not sure if you meet the requirements? There are certain age, health, and BMI requirements that must be met to become a donor. See the full list of egg donor requirements here. Please know that only a small percentage of applicants are able to make it through the process and actually become egg donors.

      Egg donor application

      If you live in Orlando and are ready to become an egg donor, then follow the link to read more about egg donation in Orlando.

      Cryos is here for you

      We are here to help and support you on your journey to becoming an egg donor. Therefore, please contact us if you have any questions regarding compensation or need further information about becoming a Cryos egg donor.

      Frequently asked questions about egg donor pay and compensation

      How many eggs can a woman donate?

      In accordance with ASRM guidelines, we limit egg donations to a maximum of 6 times. This means you can earn up to between $30,000 and $33,000 as an egg donor.

      What is the maximum compensation that I can receive as an egg donor?

      As an egg donor at Cryos you can receive up to $5500 per donation. You can donate 6 times as a maximum, which means that you can earn up to $33,000.

      What is the highest compensation for egg donors?

      The highest amount of compensation you can earn as an egg donor is $33.000. The amount can be made if you donate 6 times, choose to be an ID Release Donor and meet all the egg donor requirements.

      Why do egg donors earn between $5000 and $5500?

      The size of the compensation reflects the time and physical commitment offered by the egg donors. Unlike sperm donors, the process of egg donation is more complicated and has a larger effect on the female body.

      Do I have to pay for transportation when donating my eggs?

      The compensation you receive as an egg donor is also meant to help cover any transportation expenses your might have.